What do you want to achieve in the period? What are your goals?

This step is critical, being one of the most important parts of the finalized marketing planning document.

It is through this that you align expectations with the entire team, the board of directors and stakeholders.

These goals need to be very  . Analyze your results from the previous year to understand how you can improve them.

And in addition to analyzing Ecuador Phone Numbers the results, you will also need to analyze what was done, including actions and campaigns, team size, tools used, and available budget.

This, of course, is based on a good comparison. If your structure and budget have improved, you can aim for bigger goals. 

But if they’ve downsized, you’ll need to scale your goals accordingly.

Determining personas, ICP and target audience

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All strategic digital marketing planning requires well-crafted personas according to your target audience and your ICP — Ideal Customer Profile .

So, it’s possible and even Bahrain Phone Number List quite likely that you already have all of this defined. But if this is your first time doing strategic marketing planning, you may not have it yet.

And even if you already have one: marketing planning is the ideal time to review your target audience and confirm whether your persona is in line with your performance.

Remember: the persona is a creative exercise that seeks to illustrate your target audience in a simpler way for the production team.

The target audience itself is created from a lot of market and competitor research, seeking to understand who your brand and products are aimed at.

This work is important but also a bit complex to explain in this article alone. But check out the resources we have on the blog below. They will help you a lot:

Team delimitation and production schedule

Another point that is interesting to include in digital marketing planning is the description of the team and how its production cycle works.

This is not mandatory, and in fact, not that common.

But it is interesting to show who the people are who work on the team, even to formalize that the desired .

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