This is especially true for any business, including B2B ones. After all cold calling usually gives low results and is comparable to selling ice cream in cups in the summer individually, rather than in batches. Organizations primarily employ people, and these people surf the Internet like everyone else. The goal of B2B marketing is to find a buyer and let them know you exist. It is important that the decision maker (DM) remembers your existence when they need to find a contractor or draw up a list of suppliers. There is a Brand Consideration metric that reflects the level of readiness to purchase, answering the question: “If you were buying product X, which manufacturers would you choose among?” Marketing is responsible for ensuring that you appear on this list as often and as high as possible. 


Very expensive contacts Maintaining

A marketing department or remunerating an agency is very expensive in terms of the total cost of attracting a new client. Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project: Not all managers think about how much it costs them to attract Philippines Phone Number List customers. For example, contextual advertising – a B2B marketing tool that businesses often rely on – is formed in the same way, based on keywords, and the impression is generated by an auction-based system. Thus, the narrower the niche, the higher the cost of display. At the same time, the illusion of unconditional effectiveness of Internet promotion is dangerous. If you spend 0.5 million rubles per month on contextual and targeted advertising.

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Clients came from the context per month

Who each buy 100 thousand rubles, you simply threw money down the drain: the cost of attracting each one is equal to the amount of the transaction. This is Spain Phone Number List not marketing, although there are exceptions. When trying to save money on marketing, sales themselves become more expensive. Every client is deal with a manager. Moreover, before getting to the decision maker, you will have to talk with the secretary deputy and other employees. They do not make decisions. 

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