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On the third of his trips, and thanks to his suicidal determination to march towards Malaga, a city one step away from being taken by the Falangist rebels, and at that point already identifi as a spy, he was taken prisoner and sentenc to death. He await his execution ninety-five days, after which he was providentially exchang for the wife of a Francoist aviation officer. He would relate this terrifying experience, shortly afterwards, in A Spanish Testament , a book that years later would be republish with profound modifications under the title Dialogue with Death .

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The final lines of this work, similar to those others that close the introduction of the first volume of her memoirs, have a gloomy tone in view of a world that was already heading towards the abyss. Referring to business email list the end of the war in which the Spanish republicans were defeat by Franco’s fascism, she murmurs: “Those who have surviv now continue their dialogue with death in the midst of the European Apocalypse, of which Spain was the prelude.” (Koestler, 2004, p. 275). And of course: that Apocalypse would bring with it – for the second time and spreading a

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Koestler reminds us: he was born in the early years of a century of horror, at “[a] moment when the sun was setting on the Age of Reason.” (Koestler, 1973, p. 20). Upon learning of the execrable Moscow trials, in which his friends were shot, after being forc – after being subject to cruel procures of Phone Number BR psychological exhaustion, physical torture and blackmail – to plead guilty to treason against the Bolshevik revolution, the Hungarian writer He abhorr the Stalinist regime, and question its bestial behavior with paralyzing lucidity through Zero and Infinity , his most recogniz novel and now a great little classic of political literature.

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