Expert Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project, talks about what company  where promotion is unsystematic or there are no B2B marketing tools at all. Content Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project: There is an established opinion that marketing, and in particular Internet marketing, only works in the B2C segment. But in B2B it either doesn’t work or doesn’t pay off. Although many don’t even try. In fact, marketing as a system for attracting customers should be a universal engine for stable sales. Further in the article we provide criteria by which you can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing. If you find even two or three matches out of six, this is a reason to think about whether your company’s customer acquisition system is working so well. Perhaps it’s time to change something.

No one to call The base of companies

To which you can offer products or services has been exhausted. Particularly diligent managers make upsells to loyal customers, while undiligent managers Pakistan Phone Number List do nothing. You are buying a new unverified base for calling. Managers continue to call until this database runs out. Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project: There is a problem of attracting new clients. Marketing in such a company does not work at all, lead generation is at zero. And managers spend a lot of time trying to tell you who you are, because no one has heard anything about you. Speaking of lead generation. This very concept is distorted in the public consciousness and is more likely associated with spam for the sales department – managers waste time processing such leads, but there is no result.

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Lead generation in the normal sense

Is the work of marketing to create a high-quality flow of incoming applications. There is still a persistent belief that marketing means spending money on social Singapore Phone Number List networks a website, contextual advertising or buying radio advertising. But the combination of “marketing costs” does not capture the essence. A much more accurate combination is “marketing investments.” After all, in the end, every ruble invested in promotion will return a hundredfold. Marketing in a company should be a system that identifies and directs a warm customer base to sales managers. Simply put, it allows you to create conditions under which you are sure that you are welcome at the other end of the line. 

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