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Thanks to the special post and reels videos feature in the Instagram subscription system, Instagram content producers can produce special posts and reels videos for their target audiences and subscribers.

How to Open Instagram Subscriptions?

How to Open Instagram Subscriptions?

In order to open the paid subscription system, which is one of the new features of Instagram, content producers must fulfill certain conditions. The Instagram Paid Subscription system currently works on an invitation basis in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. In the USA, content producers who meet certain conditions can open their Instagram Subscriptions. Content producer;

How to Get Instagram

Have at least 10,000 followers
be at least 18 years old
Being resident in countries where the subscription system is activated

Content producers who complete their Fax Lists terms can open Instagram Subscriptions and generate income by producing special content for their subscribers.

After the subscriptions are opened, people can access their subscriber lists by tapping on the Professional Dashboard – Content Producers – Subscriptions tab, which is exclusive to content producers.

How to Manage Instagram Subscribers?

Content producers with active subscription system on Instagram also have the right to manage their Instagram Subscribers. Content producers can block, restrict, complain or even remove their subscribers if they wish. These rights granted to content producers who subscribe to Instagram allow content producers to share more freely.

Instagram Paid Subscription

Fax Lists

Instagram Subscription Fees
People who want to subscribe to a creator on Instagram pay monthly subscription fees set by Instagram. Instagram Subscription Fees are as follows;Instagram Subscriptions 191 (1 Month)
84.99 TL
How to Get Instagram Subscription Fees?
How to Get Instagram Subscription Fees?
People who are include in the Phone Number BR  Instagram pai subscription system and produce content earn income by producing special content for them through their subscribers. Users who want to activate the subscription system to monetize Instagram must first comply with the Instagram Monetization Terms.

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