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Maybe they’re using your e-commerce store to create a wish list. Maybe they’re distract   by something. Maybe their boss is back in the office. They’re browsing your site during commercial breaks… It could be anything. The point is not to give up on people who have abandon   their wagons. Often it is for reasons that can be resolv   by providing them with the right information or an incentive. Setting up automatic cart abandonment emails is a perfect way to close the deal the second time around. Featur   product videos including product videos on your e-commerce website can increase the likelihood of people making a purchase by up to 85%. According to research.

This will lead to more conversions

 Including videos on your pages increases the time people spend on each page and encourages people to browse your site’s other pages as well. This will lead to more conversions. Product videos product videos bring your products and services to life for your customers and provide useful context for their purchasing decisions. They show your products in a positive light and make the shopping experience more vivid. People have a really solid idea of what they’re buying and your production values will make your products more appealing. A major gaming retailer saw an 86% increase in return on ad spend (roas) after using product videos that includ   integrat   calls to action (ctas).


Good reviews include the pros and cons

country email list

 Include user testimonials trustpilot data shows that 84% of people trust user-generat   reviews as much as personal recommendations. And nearly 70% of people check user reviews before purchasing a product. Reviews give a high level of social proof that your products are everything you claim them to be. And having helpful reviews on your site will help you increase sales. Good reviews include the pros and cons of the product. Have images of the product. And contain at least two paragraphs. Trustpilot review including photos and a headline for reviewers. If relevant. Can help with products that require higher levels of social proof or benefit from some form of expert testimony.


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