If the focus is on then there is more. Modern technologies make it possible to analyze hundreds of parameters that reflect user behavior on a website in order to find out what exactly the user is looking for and what is the most productive way to interact with him. I will give examples of our own “smart” developments at Aktion. We not only use publicly available technologies, but also create our own. For example: 1. Segmentation of the database by parameters We have accumulated a wealth of data on more than 15 million executives and decision makers from 4.5 million organizations. And we know everything about our base – from the position and industry in which the specialist is employed, to the topics in which he has been interested recently. There are over 100 parameters in total.

Calculation of the level of interest 

Using big data and machine learning algorithms, we have learned to assess the likelihood of a specific website visitor purchasing a product and, based on Sweden Phone Number List this, build a further chain of communications. To put it very simply: the most interested will be called by a person (the highest cost of contact), potential clients with average interest will be written a letter with a special offer, and the least likely or doubtful lead will be called by a robot. 3. Visitor identification We know how to “recognize” potential buyers when they visit the site and increase the conversion into hot purchase requests.

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Due to pre-filled purchase request forms

For example, conversion increases by 5-7 percentage points. “Recognition” allows you to set up a chain of further touches using both paid remarketing China Phone Number List less expensive tools e-mail marketing, robotic calling, etc. Analysis of the client’s psych type We carry out semantic analysis of speech and build communication with a potential client. Depending on the psych type of the individual. Step 4. Start traffic Modern Internet marketing for B2B is a series of actions on the network to attract traffic to the site, followed by filling out an application form or calling the manager.

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