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 connection. once again inspired him to perform at his best. He spent two months working at cross-region tech startup Pointstar, a job that allowed him to make a living for himself and his family. Slowly but surely, his parents understood Dicky’s passion for the IT field and supported him along the way. Over time, while working at his first company, Dicky received information about opportunities to become a contributor to Bangkit. He heard about Bangkit, a digital talent development program for all Indonesian students. He suddenly felt an obsession. Although the programs and instructions provided by Bangkit are standardized and highly structured.

Reza is happy to have the

 freedom to express herself and contribute to the learning process. Reza gained something he didn’t get in college, namely soft skills and networking. hard work pays off Reza’s efforts brought more order to his life. He was able to manage his time better and, most importantly, he ws data was more motivated to continue developing himself. Reza kept gaining knowledge at Bangkit, eventually graduating and becoming a certified Associate Cloud Engineer. Google’s global certification led to better job opportunities when he participated in the Rise Career Fair program. This job fair provides Bangkit graduates with job vacancies at Bangkit partner companies.

Armed with his resume and

certifications, Reza applied to multiple partner companies at the Bangkit Career Fair. One of the job opportunities he targeted was JTI Top Gun, an internship program at an IBM subsidiary. But Reza clearly got more than that. Employers weren’t looking for job openings, they were looking for Reza. IBM JTI contacted Reza and asked to apply immediately for an internal employee position (i.e., a full-time position) rather than Phone Number Br the internship position that Reza had previously targeted. Reza welcomed the offer and was eventually accepted as an application developer at IBM JTI in Central Jakarta. This allows you to do this in a structured and timely manner. Learn to control emotions Finally, you must be able to control and master your emotions. This process is not easy, but it must be done. 

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