Working from home with a blog: become a blogger

If your idea is to create an online business, one of the simplest and most profitable ways is undoubtedly to create a blog . Being a blogger is a job – and a lifestyle – that is truly versatile and demanding, full of challenges but also of a great deal of satisfaction, both personal, work and economic . The first thing […]

How to work online seriously

The only difference is that when you work offline, you have to go to a physical location, such as a shop, office, warehouse and so on. When you work online, however, your office is virtual . What this virtual office is, then, depends on the work you decide to do. Leaving aside chores such as paid surveys, which make […]

Check and fix Google penalties

A penalty from Google is a very severe sentence. In fact, your blog could completely disappear from search results . It must also be said that you have to work hard to be penalized, it’s not a very frequent thing, but if we want to increase our Domain Authority we still need to make sure we haven’t received any penalties . And […]

Increase the number and quality of backlinks

Increasing the number of backlinks is certainly very important but it is not only the number of links we receive that counts but also – and above all! – their quality. What does quality links mean? Very simple. A quality backlink is a link to our website that comes from another website with high Domain Authority. The more quality backlink […]

What is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

We also mentioned Page Authority. But what is the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority ? Very simple. While the Domain Authority measures the probability that a domain of positions on the Google SERPs, the Page Authority instead indicates the probability that a single page – or a single article – has to position itself on search engines. We […]

The best alternatives to Kajabi

The Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that indicates the authority of a domain , a reliability score which therefore indicates our probability of appearing in SERPs compared to our competitors.The score goes from 1 to 100 . The higher your score, the better your chances of ranking on search engines.Therefore, a new site will start with a […]

Why is choosing Kajabi a savings

We mentioned that choosing Kajabi could save you a lot compared to opting for other cheaper platforms. Does that seem counterintuitive to you?I assure you it is not, quite the contrary. I myself switched from other platforms to Kajabi just when I realized that I was not only able to optimize my sales and increase my earnings but […]

Effective integrated website, blog and landing page

Another cool feature of Kajabi is the ability to create an entire website , fully hosted within the platform and with a free SSL certificate. To create a website with Kajabi – and if you want, even the blog – it doesn’t matter that you have any kind of programming knowledge. In fact, you just need to […]

A good thing about Kajabi courses is that you can either 

Release all the lessons together, release them gradually , for example after X days that the student has signed up or unlock them only if a particular lesson has not been finished.Purchasing is also very simple. The integrated checkout allows your students to pay by choosing Stripe (therefore with any credit, debit or rechargeable card) or via PayPal.During checkout […]

What is Kajabi and what is it for

That’s because Kajabi isn’t just one of the most complete and most functional platforms for selling online courses that exist. Inside, in fact, you also have the possibility to create communities, develop coaching sessions, launch your podcast and create memberships. And all these built-in features are undoubtedly the crowning glory that makes Kajabi so highly effective and appreciated by its […]