Why choose a free MailChimp alternative

Mailchimp used to be the most popular option due to its free and basic plans, but there have been changes. Now, their free plan only includes 500 contacts and 1,000 emails per month, which means that as your list grows. Why choose a the costs skyrocket. At Mailchimp, you pay for all contacts, even those […]

Community Manager is not Do you really know what

Nowadays almost everyone knows what a is, right? But, what if you ask: What is not a ? What functions does this professional not have to perform? This already changes the perspective a lot and I think that many companies are not clear about their response. That’s why, in this article, I wanted to turn […]

What is personal branding

significant information about audience preferences and enables. In other words,  businesses to make informed decisions, modify strategies, and improve user that you’ve heard about electric bongs, otherwise known as electric dab rigs. If so, you might have wondered what the hype is all about.  experiences for the best online performance.  A website provides analytics  Your […]

The role of research analysis in business propositions

Data provides business owners with millions of dollars worth of information and helps them solve complex problems of the future. Thereby improving business performance as research leads to business intelligence which provides the opportunity to make accurate decisions. Improving Efficiency, Pricing, Planning To increase efficiency, companies develop internal strategies such as improvising to provide employees with the […]

How to capture customer attention through

How to carry out an effective Inbound Marketing strategy ? Increase sales, capture qualified leads or increase your database. The objectives that your company pursues in each marketing action may be different. Capturing the attention of your potential client is the first step to achieving. How to capture any type of conversion, but how to […]

What is neuroeducation

Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And, according to , approximately 2.48 Therefore, billion people watch or download. Therefore, videos at least once a month, and 78.4% do so via a mobile device. Therefore, This explains why social media ads are such important tools for engaging and capturing the attention of the audience […]