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Review the analysis review the analysis don’t stop to analyze the competition and the market as a whole. After all. Your goal is to know yours so the next logical step is to examine your own analytics. Analyzing visitor data can inform your content strategy. Providing information on which pages are visit   most frequently (and […]

Website retargeting it’s shocking to think

Such a large and growing market presents incr  ible opportunities for your e-commerce business. But it also means you’re competing with a bewildering array of rival stores. In this ecommerce marketing guide. We’ll take a look at 8 tips you can implement to supercharge your ecommerce sales. Social sharing the more people talk about and […]

Building a retail application is a powerful way to do this

According to a sumo study. Build customer loyalty with a retail app most browsing is done on smartphones these days. But many brands are behind the curve when it comes to reaching their users on their favorite devices. If you want to generate a loyal customer base you ne   to give them what they want […]

Product videos product videos bring your products

browsing your site during commercial breaks… It could be anything. The point is not to give up on people who have abandon   their wagons. Often it is for reasons that can be resolv   by providing them with the right information or an incentive. Setting up automatic cart abandonment emails is a perfect way to close […]

What is a vanity url?

Expert testimonial conclusion in this short guide. We’ve shown you how you can increase the virality of your products by including social sharing options. And we’ve explain   how website retargeting nurtures site visitors on their shopping journey with your brand. We’ve also seen how exit popups can drive people back into your sales funnel and […]