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From the point of view of mia companies such as Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Alphabet (Google and Youtube) or Bytance (TikTok). the goal of video services and platforms is naturally to get us to stay on the platform as long as possible so that as many advertisements as possible can be brought before our eyes. which again is social the platforms’ main source of income and business model. The ads import into the addictive video stream are mostly similar in terms of technical requirements.

Requirements and special features

But below is a brief overview of the of the different platforms Channel Aspect ratio Length The importance business database of sound TikTok 916. almost entirely on mobile devices Organic max 3 minutes. Advertisement 5-60 seconds. recommendation 9-15 seconds A large part of the trends is bas specifically on sound Instagram Stories 916. the majority of consumption on mobile devices Organic max 15 seconds. but can chain. Advertisement max 10 seconds.

The majority of consumption

┬áThere are certainly e video’s effectiveness. but from the point of view of the advertiser. a few of the most important Phone Number BR can be highlight with a video. you tell an impressive story in a short time. A static image leaves a considerable amount to chance. as the viewer’s thoughts cannot be guid as strongly. search engines and algorithms favor videos. Advertising platforms have also notic an increase in the consumption of videos. which is why they are also preferr and receive more views.

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