Buika has given us Mestizo , her first album, which catapult her to that power of music, of art. Years later, My Girl Lola came out , to be releas later, accompani by a collection of poems as frank as herself, Girl of Fire, which mock what she coincidentally seeks to mock: censorship. With the magical Chucho Valdés, The Last Drink, and to continue as a duo, the already hymnic Oro santo with Javier Limón. In the last three years, she has just lent us: Live Without Fear and For Me.

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There are freoms that are scary, there are crazy things that make us complex, there are humans that are too human, and that is the key to being able to survive, to overcome our b2b email list everyday life, so vulgar, so small. That is what Buika’s song gives us, what she gives us about her, the days that pass true, without her pose, and from that depth of her song, she did, well, she cri, she cri when I turn to see her.The history of humanity records periods of barbarism and events of extreme cruelty whose consideration would put in trouble those who tri to categorically refute the arguments provid by a pessimistic conception of man.

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The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. But perhaps the 20th century has been particularly exemplary as a display of horrors. The hundr years that clos the second millennium were rich in illuminating circumstances that exhibit a film level of evil and cruelty. It is true: perhaps this perception Phone Number BR is more pronounc due to the closeness that links us to its history and the accentuat contrast establish by the fact that the sufferings inflict by man on his fellow human beings have had as a background a deep secular faith that development social improvement, moral improvement and happiness of all men were fully achievable objectives.

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