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Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni shake off the controversies

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The ad that Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni starred in approximately two months ago for Intimissimi has a Christmas sequel (even though the first part was in no way immune to controversy, which seems to be the parsley of all sauces in current advertising) . In the first spot, released in October, Heidi Klum, 49, and her daughter Leni, 18, posed for the first time together in their underwear , did playback and swayed to the rhythm of the catchy chords of The Barber of Sevilla. The truth is that the Intimissimi advertisement planted the seeds of controversy on social networks.

Some accused the German

Ttop model of sexualizing and objectifying her daughter in an advertisement that was branded on social media as disturbing, strange and inappropriate. Therefore, there were even category email list those who described the seductive poses of mother and daughter in the advertisement as incestuous. In any case, the criticism does not seem to have affected Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni in the least, who have once again posed for Intimissimi dressed on this occasion in red pajamas. Therefore, lingerie (in tune with the Christmas spirit that is breathes in the environment). In the photo of the Christmas sequel that Heidi Klum has published on her Instagram profile, the model and her daughter appear dressed in striking red pajamas.

The strange pose chosen by Leni Klum's daughter

The snapshot chosen by Leni , where the young woman poses in skimpy underwear and brushes her teeth sitting at the bathroom sink. Therefore, the strange Phone Number BR pose chosen by Leni Klum’s daughter has sparked some comments (not exactly benevolent) about the supposedly implausible nature of the scene portrayed there. And putting your feet in the sink and simultaneously cleaning your mouth does not seem the most comfortable (according to social media users). In any case, the young woman does not seem to mind the criticism . Therefore, leni klum recently assured in statements to Page Six that she had not even bothered to pay attention to the reactions (overflowing with virulence) triggered by the advertisement in which she starred a couple of months ago for Intimissimi alongside her mother.

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