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The distractions of a hyper-connected world

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2 The distractions of a hyper-connected world The truth is that I can say little about this point that, more than a reason or a problem, could be considered part of the rules of the game that we have had to live . We live connected to everything, everything is accessible . We can talk, read, gossip, learn, unlearn, see… If it occurs to us to learn something, there is no limitation of “until we go to the bookstore.” If we remember someone, there is no limitation of “maybe they are not available now.”

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Know? I believe that many of the people who 20 years ago could boast of being productive industry email list could have a difficult time today. Although there is a deeper background to procrastination and weakness for distractions, hey, it’s just that everyone doesn’t fall. TRUE? The solution: become truly aware of the evil that distractions cause and try to “go back in time.” It’s actually about taking control of your attention. Start by deactivating all pop-up notifications, trying to keep them as a “notification board” that you can consult whenever you want. Look for tools that silence everything, focusing on what you are doing.

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I remember the first time I heard about the power of having goals. He was reading one of those books on personal improvement and time Phone Number BR management. I don’t remember which one it was, it looked like it was very good. At that time I was working for someone else and I thought: “Hey, my goal is to do my job, not get fired, and collect my salary.” How am I going to set goals? What goals do I have if everything depends on the decision made by someone else?

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