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The earnings obtained through the blog

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What some define as “passive” or “automatic” . It means your blog works – and makes money – for you whether or not you actively work on it.

This is the case, for example, of earnings obtained from affiliations , banner ads or the sale of books or digital products.

Then there are the “active” revenues , i.e. those that need your presence, such as public events, consultancy, coaching or services such as web writing for example .

Regardless of the type of project you want to develop and the niche you want to address, we can say that there are basically 12 ways to make money with a blog :

  1. Affiliate Programs
  2. Sale of online courses
  3. Sale of physical products
  4. Advertising banners
  5. Selling services
  6. Sell ​​consultancy
  7. Selling books and ebooks
  8. Ask for donations
  9. Paid guest posting
  10. Conduct paid webinars
  11. Form partnerships
  12. Making Podcast Sponsorships.

So what are the best monetization methods

It depends (yes, I know, “it depends” is the new answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe, and everything).

Diversifying your income can undoubtedly be a great solution. Also, one monetization method doesn’t exclude another, and you can combine them together to generate income from many fronts.

Unfortunately, however, there is no scientific formula that works on all projects . You will then need to test and see which forms of monetization work best for your blog. Which blog categories are the most profitable?

We have mentioned that one of the factors to consider in order to make money with your blog is the niche we have decided to target .

To briefly recap, a niche is your blog’s subject area , main topic, such as travel, cooking, fashion, tech, fitness, or DIY.


The niches can tend to be infinite

But why does the niche go hand in hand with earnings ? Very simple.

Think about opening a blog where your core business is selling slippers for ducks (yes, ok, that’s the first bullshit that came to mind

Now, super interesting project, very good quality and very chic duck slippers. And then it’s your true passion! But do you really think you could find someone willing to buy them?

Little update : there really are sites that sell shoes for ducks – google it].

This is why choosing the right niche and the right monetization method is vital to the success of a blog.


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