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The fear of urgency generated by “the fires”

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The fear of urgency generated by “the fires” Have you heard about that experiment with the dogs that started salivating when the bell rang before eating? Okay, sorry. Have you heard about Pavlov’s experiment that, after using a metronome at 100 beats per minute just before feeding some dogs, he found that they began to salivate when they heard it? Hey, better

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Well, it turns out that I mention it to you because I realized that, after a season of stress caused by many emergencies (putting out fires, demands category email list from clients, a crisis of a lot of work, etc.), every time I heard the word urgent I the chest burned. Just thinking about something having an upcoming date stressed me out too much. In fact, when one day I made a list of reasons why I wanted to improve my productivity, the first one I wrote down was “not having to do things in a hurry.”

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Do you know what really happened? That urgency becomes a more threatening monster than normal and is maximized. That we end up fleeing from the Phone Number BR urgency and try to work in a state of tranquility… let’s say a little comfortable . And, of course, we give much less than we could. The consequence of stress is that it forces us to position ourselves in its equally dangerous antagonist: excessive comfort . The “it’s okay not to have it ready today, since I’ve run a lot in recent months” can be an enemy of productivity because it doesn’t force you to demand your potential. Are you getting it?

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