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Starting with objective definition , which identifies a unique, actionable outcome for each ad group; Moving on to identifying the target audience to segment ads bas on interests, demographic data and browsing behavior (preventing the ad from being shown to people outside the ideal profile ); Budget definition to create the best solution with the available resources; Choice of platform , in an attempt to go where the ideal audience spends most of their time.

How to use social mia to build your company

Type of advertisement , also thinking about the type of content that the ideal audience will respond to immiately; Creation of the advertisements themselves, generally with the help of writers and designers; And the definition of success metrics : the The goal conditions that, when met, will indicate that the campaign was successful. The only caution is that many users may consider an special data email advertisement too invasive, or worse: spam! To avoid this problem, the message nes to be very well plann to have something of real value to communicate.

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