The Importance of Site Speed ​​in E-commerce and Its Effect on Sales


Whether it’s a discount code for a percent off, the end date and time of an event or promotional period, a visual call-to-action is a must for promotional videos. Make sure to use visual titles to help the audience focus on what you want them to remember.

Streaming videos on multiple channels

You can interact with different audiences by placing your promotional videos on your social platforms. Thus, you can reach your target audience and potential customers through social channels.

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Include a Call-to-action

How to Make a Promotional Video?

There are many ways to create a promotional video, but they all follow the same basic steps. We have listed these steps below.

How to Make a Promotional Video


Choosing a video concept

What are you promoting? After giving the answer, a video concept suitable for the promotion should be found. For example, if it is a holiday-themed Estonia Business Email List promotional video, appropriate themes should be included. The selected theme must be compatible with the message to be delivered. On the other hand, creativity should be prioritized.

Choosing the right keywords

Since the promotional videos will be very short, it is very important to choose the right keywords. You can include in the video by choosing three or four key points that you want your audience to remember about this promotion, or you can create your video based on these keywords.

Choosing the right keywords

Keeping the Script Short

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The duration of the promotional video can be up to one/one and a half minutes. On the other hand, thirty seconds and gold seem to be more effective. For this reason, it is very important to keep the scenario simple and short. In particular, promotional campaign promotions are requested to be short.

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