After confirmation, you can schedule different messages. I always recommend scheduling 3 welcome emails, in which you send a franchise gift, where you direct readers to the most popular posts, where you briefly introduce yourself, where you build trust and credibility. These welcome messages should be sent once a day to get readers used to it. your messages and actively open them. How does an email list generate revenue? An email list itself will not generate revenue, but you should send sales-oriented messages in which you recommend or sell products or services. However, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell/revenue online. For example, I pay an average of €475 per year for Active Campaigned and this year made around €56,646 in sales using email marketing alone. Therefore, the ROI of email marketing is 11,925%.

The whole process has been automated

Here’s how I work and teach in coaching: I’m writing an article and thinking about giving away a free sign-up gift. I offer sign-up gifts directly in the blog post. So everyone can choose for themselves new database whether to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. If the reader feels that adding a gift is not useful or helpful to him, he will not join. Of course that’s fine. . above and paste it into a post that I thought would add value to my readers. that’s all. This process brings me an average of 250 new weekly newsletter subscribers each month. 3. Write and schedule an automated welcome message By law, it’s not enough for readers to simply join your email list. He must also confirm a second opt-in (double opt-in).

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Free gifts don’t have to be big, for example a checklist, a short workbook, or a 5-minute video will suffice. Most importantly, including a gift that is relevant to the topic you’re writing about is the first step in guiding the reader toward the product you’ll later sell or recommend. For example, if you write a blog about dog ownership, you shouldn’t offer a registry Phone Number BR gift without talking about pet care in general. I’ll cover joining gifts in more detail later in this article. 2. Technically “harvesting” email addresses Collecting email addresses is a lengthy process. For this you will need Landing page  button 2 x Thank you page Confirmation email 3 welcome emails It’s good to know that email addresses are never “collected” without permission. bots on the blog that collect every email address without their consent.

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