That is why it is so important to take into account ethical assumptions to avoid dirty tricks on the part of representatives. Due to its high social responsibility, lobbying is an early warning system about potential threats and problems that affect society, absorbing anxiety and tension at the same time. The basic activities of lobbyists are base on obtaining up-to-date information. All data must come from verifie sources and be confirme. With the help of develope analyses, lobbyists exert influence on a person or body. They plan and actively participate in decision game.

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Base on their own experience and available information, they identify the addressees of the lobbying campaign and the parties that could take the appropriate position in the action being carrie out. The basic activities, the creation and implementation Latest Mailing Database of lobbying programs, are carrie out in accordance with PR tools. We recommend Strategic benchmarking – when will it come in handy? Lobbyists have a wide range of responsibilities. In addition to monitoring legislative processes in the client’s sphere of activity, they must notice emerging political and economic changes quite early, analyze current events and draw conclusions quickly on this basis.

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On the basis of conclusions and formulate opinions, they must correctly verify the opportunities and threats regarding a given area. Then, they advise the relevant authorities in connection with the development of the legal situation, the Phone Number BR goal that they should try to achieve is to prevent actions that are contrary to the client’s interest. Their duties also include the development of programs and proposals for amicable solutions. Do you want to act ethically and effectively at the same time? Check which strategy we recommend for your company. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Positive and negative aspects of lobbying Lobbying has its good and bad sides.

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