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TikTok. we would not recommend anything other than a vertical full-screen video. which in turn imposes its own requirements on image design if the video is otherwise film horizontally. While planning the visual storytelling to serve several platforms. it is also worth considering the requirements of different platforms in the storytelling. so that the so-call shorter micro-videos can be easily and cost-effectively cut from the master video. e.g. for use in social mia ads.

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When smaller videos. one filming resource serves several final products. which can be shar even over a long period of time. Video platforms in practice As already discuss above. the consumption business lead of videos. like the vast majority of social mia consumption. mainly takes place on mobile devices these days. Videos are watch on the commute to work on the commuter train. on the bus. on the sofa waiting at the hair salon. on the couch at home. etc. Videos are mainly consum on mobile devices.

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Video fes have comprehensive way of spending time. when relatively large and high-quality screens Phone Number BR have been connect to wireless broadband connections. in other words. watching videos is no longer ti to time or place in any way. Algorithms are constantly learning bas on our viewing habits to offer us even more interesting content in the form of an endless video stream.

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