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This is how Christmas sales are going on Amazon this year

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This is how Christmas sales are going on Amazon this year. After talking about it all year we have finally reached the most fun date of the entire season. We are almost halfway through November and there have already been some days with sales above average. Comparing figures with last year According to the data that the Amazon Seller app shows me, we are still about 70% ahead of last year. This would be great if it could be maintained for the rest of the month but I see it as unlikely. 

The products that are best selling

The products that are best selling. The former topseller has once again led. The ranking with more than 50% of the profits. The bad thing is that here. Therefore, we are increasing the target ROI from 50% to 75% because there is less. Therefore, supply this year compared to last but with each passing day we are getting email contact list closer to running out of inventory. From there we are going to suffer a significant drop in daily profits. Therefore, if there is no other category that can replace it.

My hope is that e.g. Lego

My hope is that e.g. Lego will start from the second week of December. This is what has happened in the last year. We have plenty of inventory here that could offset the decline. Pokémon Phone Number BR and especially the packs of 50 are seeing an increase also thanks to the fact of lowering the price a little, reducing the ROI here to close to 100% and 4 euros per sale.

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