To Know About Virtual Pos Integration

Virtual POS is an online payment system that allows businesses to accept payments through your online store. E-commerce sites can accept credit and debit card payments with virtual pos integration and offer the most widely used payment methods to customers. Virtual pos solutions are frequently use with the increase in online shopping. In our article, we have compiled information about how to make virtual pos integration and more information about virtual pos.

What You Need to Know About Virtual Pos Integration

The virtual pos, which means the payment point known as virtual point of sale in English, makes it possible to transfer your shopping cost to the account of the company you are shopping for in a safe and fast way. The virtual pos works in the form of online transfer of the shopping cost from the buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account.

Customers enter their card information on the payment screen at the payment stage. Requested information; name on the card; The card Austria Business Email List consists of the card expiration date and the CVV number on the reverse. After the confirmation process, the payment process is complete. Virtual pos is the online version of the card payment system in the physical store.

Generally, every bank has an online pos service. In order to get online pos service from banks, it is necessary to apply to the relevant bank. The documents required for virtual pos vary according to the type of company. Virtual pos application to banks; It can be done with documents such as tax plate, photocopy of identity car, circular of signature, and a photocopy of the Trade Registry Gazette.

What is Virtual Pos

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In order to get virtual pos approval from banks, some features are sought in e-commerce sites. In order for the site to be secure. And to provide pos Phone Number BR service to the e-commerce site. Procedures such as distance sales contract return. And cancellatio informatio should be include on the site. On the other han, the e-commerce site. Shoul include products and prices that will be sol online.

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