Since a campaign will be organize in line with the interests of the brands, both brands must first determine their goals and objectives.


We have compile the important marketing tip announce by Philip Kotler, who is considere the “father of modern marketing” and gives important tactics that can be applie in digital marketing strategies, in our article.


5 Important Marketing Tips from Philip Kotler

Who is Philip Kotler?

North American Professor Philip Kotler is the originator of marketing as an academic field of study. Under the leadership of Philip Kotler, universities around the world now include marketing in their academic programs. Born in Chicago, the author has held the International Marketing Chair at Northwestern University, one of the world’s most important business centers, since 1988.

Choose the Partner You Will Prepare

To get the most out of marketing and bring some real benefits to your business, businesses need to heed Philip Kotler’s theses on marketing. Philip Kotler explains the definition of marketing in his book “Marketing Management” as follows; “Marketing; It is an administrative and social process in which individuals and groups obtain what they need and desire by producing, offering and exchanging valuable products with their peers.

Kotler divides marketing into various branches and provides a better understanding of the concept of marketing with Greece Email List various definitions. In marketing, segmentation is the recognition that you cannot serve all customers with the same level of satisfaction. In this way to achieve the highest possible satisfaction, businesses need to define their target market.

Determine the Campaign Setups to Be Made

Collaboration Agreement Begin

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Choose the Partner You Will Collaborate With

The most important thing in co-marketing, that is, partner marketing, is to choose the brand to be cooperate well. Because according to the brands you will cooperate with. It may be difficult or easier to. Reach your relevant goals and objectives. At this point when choosing a partner. Each brand should examine its competitors. And decide what kind of cooperation their competitors are doing.

Thus, you can examine the brands with Phone Number BR which your competitors cooperate and you can more easily choose the brands with which you will cooperate.

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