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Video Marketing trends 2022

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Video marketing trends 2022. Why it is worth investing in videos matteo pocket – march 15. 2022 video marketing 2022 is the year of video marketing . Let.S start from this assumption to carry out the necessary in-depth analysis regarding a type of content – video – which at a company level influences and will increasingly influence digital marketing strategies . The pre-eminence of videos . At the platform level. Is establishe by the numbers . This is demonstrate. Among others. By recent hubspot research . Which indicates how. At an international level. Users mainly appreciate video content base on the brands they follow. A further significant figure refers to the notable percentage (equal to 90% ) of users who admit how videos help them make purchasing decisions.

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 “Social meia marketing. What works in 2022” first trend in video marketing. Inclusion video marketing even before talking about trends. It is necessary to indicate a new data principle that guides video marketing in this latest period . That of inclusion . One of the evolutions of videos has roots in the long term linke to the covid situation and. As a counterbalance. Has shaken brands on the importance of involvement . At least virtual. In this scenario. The public expects an increasingly inclusive approach from brands . Thus filling the gaps in physical presence that have occurre during the pandemic. 

A vision that obviously does not only concern videos

 But which precisely through this content. Fills the nee to eliminate diversity in the name of tolerance of what were once defects (especially in fashion) Phone Number BR in the face. Precisely. Of full inclusion . Download the inside minibook for free now to discover all the video marketing trends and statistics for 2022! Video and customization video marketing a particularly incisive trend in this first part of 2022 is that of the personalization of all content . Especially videos . In this. Technology comes to the aid of companies and. In particular. Marketing departments. Thanks to marketing automation and software to distribute content in an effective and automate way to well-define groups of users . You might be intereste in. “Marketing automation. The advantages of user profiling software” 

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