New year, new students! Every year we have at least two students joining us to do a double degree project to support young people’s education. This winter semester, Nikita and Colin joined our software development team. Since they already had experience, they immediately started improving our website.

We are very happy to announce that Nikita and Colin joined our team at the beginning of October. With new team members joining us every month, we plan to continue our steady growth over the next year.

We would like to have more people join our team in Hannover, so if you are passionate not only about privacy but also about programming, please do apply to us .

Nikita Introduction

Why I joined Tutanota

I joined Tutanota because it is important  Betting Data for me to contribute to the fight for privacy, so that in countries like China or Russia, where I am actually from, people can get a possibility to share their data, thoughts or literally anything without worrying that a dictator could use this data against them.

Tutanota makes privacy the default on the Internet, since it provides you with an open source and privacy-respecting communication app. Tutanota enables people to communicate privately, in other words, without third parties being able to get access to people’s own data. Of course, there are many other companies that claim to be doing it for privacy or even digital security, but some of them use services of other companies and don’t care about people’s privacy or abuse the data they get. Others don’t even publish the source code. This is never the case with Tutanota, where everything is transparent: from the source code to the salaries of employees.

Private issues

Privacy on the internet is really important to me because I don’t understand how people agree to have their data used by others to make them richer, while people get nothing out of it, just maybe targeted ads convincing them to buy things they don’t really need. Also, the general feeling of being “naked” in front of every website, app, software or company on the internet today really scares me.

My vision of an ideal Internet is one that Belgium Phone Number List  can be used to communicate with others privately and confidentially. In my vision, there should be no company that makes money based on the data they obtain by tracking people everywhere and wherever possible. Generally speaking, there will be no tracking related to users in the Internet of the future. If there must be tracking of one kind or another, it can only be completely anonymous. This seemingly unrealistic vision of the future Internet helps me stay highly motivated in the work that I do at Tutanota, because it is already a small thing to do what the future Internet should be based on.

Unfortunately, today the Internet has become a profitable tool for tech giants like Google, Microsoft or Apple, who are ready to use all the data of their customers to make more money. In my opinion, this is not the original intention of those who created the World Wide Web to share data and connect with each other.

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