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Two things that help me more than making good decisions or being disciplined

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Two things that help me more than making good decisions or being disciplined. Over the years I have always thought that I have a superpower that others don’t have. This superpower is called discipline. Later I realized that I don’t actually have a superpower because discipline applied to other fields is not necessarily my strong suit either. I have two other things that are better.

Define a lifestyle

Define a lifestyle One of the bases that requires discipline is making the decision to do something over and over again: Go running to practice sports. Don’t eat that chocolate bar because you know you’re going to feel bad. Postpone purchasing the latest iPhone when prices have dropped a bit. Etc. They are decisions that you have to make email leads over and over again. I do something else. I like to see myself as a person who practices sports. I’m a marathoner even though I haven’t run a marathon in years (I’ve been in 11 or 12 so far).

Mental models

Mental models Yesterday before going to sleep I was thinking about whether I should meet someone or not. This morning I woke up to the answer that was pretty simple. It was unconsciously Phone Number BR applying the mental model of turning it around . What would I do if I could stay at home? How would you be spending your time? The answer was simple. Making Pokémon packs.

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