Use Negative Keywords Consider Backlinks

Once you’ve identified the keywords that are causing the site with the negative review to rank so high, make sure to optimize other sites that will beat them in the SERP rankings. The goal of doing this is to use these keywords to help your sites rank higher than these negative phrases.

You can also use these keywords on your own websites if you find a beneficial use for them, which will help your site outrank the site with the negative review, thus moving it even lower.

Also remember to use these keywords on various social media profiles, which will also have a positive impact on the entire process.

Operation for Reverse Seo as With Regular

Consider backlinks
You’ve already identified the backlinks used on the negative review site, so it’s a good idea to Whatsapp Number List  use them now. To do this, find sites that have links to a site with a negative review and replace them with links to your site.

This is very beneficial for two reasons: you collect more backlinks to your main site, which helps you rank better, and you capture the links that led to the negative review, hiding it at the bottom of the internet and protecting your image. So use this method, because as you can see, it has no disadvantages and you can achieve a lot with it.

The techniques described above are proven methods for pushing a negative review to the bottom of search results and saving your brand’s reputation.

Determine what keywords lead to a negative review

However, remember that their application requires a lot of time and, as in the case of regular SEO, it may turn out to be too time-consuming for many website creators.

So are there any quicker ways to neutralize a negative review? If you find that any of Phone Number BR them violate any search engine standards, you can report them to Google and the site will no longer appear in the SERP. Here are some activities that go against Google guidelines and may be worth reporting as incorrect:

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