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Website retargeting it’s shocking to think

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 Such a large and growing market presents incr  ible opportunities for your e-commerce business. But it also means you’re competing with a bewildering array of rival stores. In this ecommerce marketing guide. We’ll take a look at 8 tips you can implement to supercharge your ecommerce sales. Social sharing the more people talk about and share your products with their friends and family. The more likely they are to buy them and encourage their friends to buy them too. That’s why you should make it as easy as possible for your customers to share products directly from your product pages.


Website retargeting it's shocking to think

 An easy way to do this is to include a social share button on your online store and website. This will allow you to leverage social platforms like facebook and pinterest to create buzz about your products and encourage those key word-of-mouth recommendations that are more effective than traditional advertising. Website retargeting it’s shocking to think that only 2% of customers convert on their first visit to your ecommerce store. This is because people ne   to have repeat   exposure to your products to motivate them to purchase. Website retargeting this is why website retargeting is so powerful.


Discount offer this could be a discount offer

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 This process involves storing anonymous cookies with your website visitors as they follow their path across the web. Which allows you to re-reach them with your adverts on other sites. Add an exit pop-up exit pop-ups detect when a user is about to navigate away from your page and display a pop-up design   to regain their attention and engagement. Discount offer this could be a discount offer. A cart abandonment reminder. Or a newsletter signup form. Exit popups are a last resort because popups are disruptive and target users who already want to leave your site. But exit popups can increase conversions by around 3-10%.


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