Packing list , also known as packing list, is a document use in e-export. The packing list is about the exporte products; It is a document that provides information such as the way it is package, the number of packages, the package name. It is mostly a commercial document. Packaging can be packaged in different ways depending on the product. Accordingly, information about the shipment is provided, including the dimensions and weight of the package, the markings and numbers indicated on the outside of the boxes. In our article, you can find information on how to make a packing list and many more.

Is the Lottery List a Legal Requirement?

Although it is not technically a necessary document for customs, it is useful to prepare a packing list as it facilitates the import/export process for both the senders and the customs. Many e-export companies require the packing list for the safe transportation of the product.

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Is the Lottery List a Legal Requirement?

What is a Packing List Example?

When we say packing list as an example, it is possible to talk about a document that needs certain information. This document should consist of the following South Korea Email List information; seller, buyer contact information, type of goods, packaging information and number, information about weight. This information should be prepared according to the mode of transport. The check document may differ according to transportation systems such as sea, air, railway, and land.

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How to Prepare a Packing List?

Your export packing list should include information on the number of units, boxes, and other available packing information, and all of these details must match the Commercial Invoice and reflect the same parties involved in the transaction. When creating a packing list, as much detail about the shipment should be include as possible. Whe we say how to make a packing list ; Here are some important details that shoul be include in the list:Who Uses the Packing List?

The packing list is mostly use by warehouse clerks. The warehouse Phone Number BR clerk prepares the packing list and provides information about the packaging to the buyer and the shipper.




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