That’s because Kajabi isn’t just one of the most complete and most functional platforms for selling online courses that exist. Inside, in fact, you also have the possibility to create communities, develop coaching sessions, launch your podcast and create memberships.

And all these built-in features are undoubtedly the crowning glory that makes Kajabi so highly effective and appreciated by its audience, teachers and students alike.

But let’s go even further into detail and see all the features of Kajabi together.

The features of Kajabi

I have been working with Kajabi for many years and I find that it is undoubtedly the most innovative platform currently available on the market thanks to its advanced features and its above-standard analysis tools.

Through Kajabi you can in fact create and launch your online course and UAE Phone Number List have full control over the entire purchase process, monitor progress, stimulate the growth of your online school, create bundles, personalized offers or coupons for discounts.

And another good thing is that you don’t have to create everything from scratch because within your members area you will also find a library of ready-made templates and pre-set sales funnels that you can customize and modify according to the goals you want to achieve.

And if this weren’t enough, you should know that with Kajabi you can also have a custom domain to grow your brand, optimize your online school from an SEO perspective to attract organic traffic and get unlimited hosting, with no bandwidth limits. bandwidth or file storage.

But let’s see all the features of Kajabi in even more detail.

Create online courses

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Let’s start with the most classic feature: the one that allows you to create an online course.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are numerous products you can create . To create a standard online course, simply choose Online Course and continue.

From here, you can start shaping your course. Enter a title, an image, a Phone Number BR description and continue. Now you can enter all the lessons, add texts, videos, audios, PDF files and more.

Kajabi offers you a pre-set structure by default that you can also decide to structure your course differently .

Then create the sections of your course, enter the lessons you want in each section and that’s it!

You can also change the appearance of your online school , by directly modifying the layout or by opting for the many templates already present, which you can still customize and further optimize according to your needs.

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