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What is neuroeducation

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Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And, according to , approximately 2.48 Therefore, billion people watch or download. Therefore, videos at least once a month, and 78.4% do so via a mobile device. Therefore, This explains why social media ads are such important tools for engaging and capturing the attention of the audience there. With this data, it is easy to come to the conclusion that. Therefore, advertising had to give space to digital marketing to continue generating real results for businesses.


Neuroeducation in the learning process

Are people who have authority in a certain matter, which is why they are hired by businesses to assist company data them in their marketing actions. This tactic is used especially with millennials , people born after 1980 and frequent Internet consumers, who are no longer impacted by traditional advertising actions. This generation values ​​political positioning, as they want to consume content from those who think like them. Therefore, the challenge of the digital influencer is to reach the heart of that audience with content that is sought after by them.


Everyone learns in their own way

The. Therefore, Spanish digital influencer Lidia Bedman, for example, publishes Phone Number BR content about fashion, travel and motherhood. She has more than 115 thousand followers on. Therefore, Instagram and, thanks to that, she is one of Garnier’s ambassadors.

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