What is the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

We also mentioned Page Authority. But what is the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority ?

Very simple.

While the Domain Authority measures the probability that a domain of positions on the Google SERPs, the Page Authority instead indicates the probability that a single page – or a single article – has to position itself on search engines.

We will therefore have a Domain Authority which is identical for all the pages of our website and a Page Authority which varies from page to page .

How to know what your Domain Authority is?

We’ve seen what Domain Authority is, how it’s calculated, and why it’s important.

But how can we know our score?

There are numerous tools to do this, first of all – of course! – that of Moz, a free tool that allows you to immediately verify your Domain Authority.

To calculate your DA, then go to this page , enter your Brazil Phone Number List main domain (such as eleonorabaldelli.com ) and click on “ Analyze Domain “.

In addition to returning your Domain Authority value, this tool will also provide you with other important information for your site, such as:

  • The Page Authority of the main pages of your site ( Top Pages by Links )
  • The domains from which you have the most backlinks ( Top Linking Domains )
  • The number of acquired and lost backlinks in the last 30 days ( Discovered and Lost Linkink Domains )
  • The visibility of the main keywords of your site ( Keywords by Estimated Clicks )
  • The best keywords , i.e. those best positioned on search engines ( Top Ranking Keywords )
  • Your main competitors ( Top Search Competitors )
  • … and other useful metrics to understand the performance of your website on search engines.
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But there are other tools where you can check your Domain Authority as well , such as Semrush , my favorite, and Ahrefs .

How to increase Domain Authority?

Now we come to the crucial question: how can we increase our Domain Authority?

The bad news is that it is not a very simple thing . Increasing Domain Phone Number BR Authority is definitely not something you can do overnight.

However, there are some strategies that, if applied consistently, can show you tangible results in the long run.

Also because DA is based on a logarithmic scale . This means that the further you go on the climb, the harder it will be. In fact, it is much easier to be able to go up from 20 to 30 than from 70 to 80.

Also, being able to upgrade to a higher AD does not guarantee that you have achieved this achievement forever .

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