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Books Advertisers Should Read How to Bake Your Brand

One day, I don’t want you to look back and say “I wish I tried”. I want the number of happy women who give their dreams a chance, try, produce and increase. There is only one way to achieve this: helping each other! That’s why, as a designer and marketing expert, I wrote this book to convey the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the United States and Turkey for 15 years to women who want to start their own businesses and to contribute to their becoming happy women.

I believe that the happier the women of a country are, the happier that country will be. We can change things, and for that we have to start somewhere. This book could be the start of your choice!

Don’t Let Your Ideas and Dreams Go to Waste


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9. Creating Ads That Sell – Luke Sullivan

Creating a Satan Advertisement, which has been a source of inspiration for copywriters, art directors, advertising students, creatives from every field in Mexico Business Email List the advertising industry for many years in the world and in Turkey, continues to be a bedside piece with its updated and expanded new edition.

New episodes and updates suitable for the digital world
Suggestions and examples to effectively use social media and new platforms that have sprouted in the last ten years
There are also bright predictions about the present and future of advertising.

Creating Ads That Sell will help you unleash your creativity, sharpen your pencil, broaden your horizons and, of course, create ads that sell.

The Psychology of Persuasion

B2B Email List

Creating an ad that sells Books that Advertisers Must Read This book ranks first among the best advertising books . A classic eight-part book. The Psychology of Persuasion: Cialdini’s scientific point of view and easy-to-understand language makes it Phone Number BR easy to read. The author presents the persuasion mechanism of human beings with examples from daily life and researches in the taste of conversation. Thanks to the book, we learn not only the scientific logic of persuasion, but also the techniques that the manipulators we may encounter can apply against us.

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