What You Should Know About Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is one of the tax types by the state. It is a type of tax taken from papers that certify the validity of agreements and contracts between individuals and institutions. In summary, the type of tax levie on every official document is calle stamp tax. In our article, we have included all the concepts related to stamp duty.

what is stamp duty


What are the Tax Types?

How is Stamp Duty Determine

Tax types are determined according to the tax legislation of the Republic of Turkey. There are tax responsibilities for institutions, organizations, natural or legal persons. Determination of tax payment obligations varies according to the size of the business, sales volume, income and tax rates. When we say how tax payments are made, they are in Barbados Business Email List certain periods. These can vary from 3 months to years.

When we say stamp duty , there are different types of taxes that you are oblige to pay. Below are these;

VAT (Value Added Tax)
Annual income tax in simple method
Concise declaration
Annual income tax
Stamp duty

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp tax is a type of tax that we often encounter in daily official business. The type of tax taken from official documents that have official tax status and that can be submitte is calle stamp tax. Stamp duty is collecte from the contracts, agreements made between institutions, documents prepare betwee legal or real persons. The important point here is that it is a document that can be submitte.

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How to Determine Stamp Duty Amount

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While the stamp tax amount is determine according to various criteria, the amount to be pai varies according to the date, type and declaration of the document in which the document is create. The determine amount of stamp duty must be pai on certain dates.

When we say stamp tax calculation, various tax Phone Number BR brackets determine the stamp tax amount. These rates are determine by the Stamp Duty Legislation.



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