Demurrage is a concept that comes before us in e-export. Demurrage is define as the price paid to the container company in case the containers are not delivered on time in overseas transportation. In our article, we have given information about the concept of demurrage, types of logistics transportation .


What You Need to Know About Demurrage

Demurrage is the name give to the extra fee paid for each day exceede for the containers exceeding the time allotte to them at the port. Shippers start to process this fee from the day after the last day of expiry and is calculate per container daily until the container is receive. The Concept of Demurrage is a concept whose boundaries are determine by the Turkish Commercial Code. Demurrage is valid for e-export transactions carrie out in maritime transport.

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To Whom Is Demurrage Payable?

The concept of demurrage is a concept that comes before us in e-export. In case of exceeding the specifie time in the transportatio betwee the buyer and the seller in Panama Email List international trade transactions, it is calle the additional delay fee pai for the products. When we say to whom the demurrage is pai, it takes place in the form of payment to the company to which the container belongs by the customer who does not deliver the container within the agree time.

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In e-export transactions, an agreement is made betwee the buyer and the seller for the transportation of the cargo. These agreements include items such as the delivery of the container and the shipment of the transported goods to the port. Loading and unloading times are determine according to Phone Number BR the agreements betwee the parties. If the periods specifie in the agreement are exceede, the demurrage cost is incurre. When demurrage costs arise, the issue of how much this cost will be is also include in the agreement. This price is determine by the container company. Prices are not the same for every e-export migration. These costs are determine according to the weight, size, weight and country of the transported product.

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