Why is choosing Kajabi a savings

We mentioned that choosing Kajabi could save you a lot compared to opting for other cheaper platforms.

Does that seem counterintuitive to you?I assure you it is not, quite the contrary. I myself switched from other platforms to Kajabi just when I realized that I was not only able to optimize my sales and increase my earnings but also save a few hundred euros.The short answer to why Kajabi is a money saver is simple: since it’s an all-in-one tool, you won’t need any other tools for developing and selling your courses.Now the long answer. Let’s take the calculator and do some calculations.Let’s take an average situation: a course with 50 students enrolled and a list of 5,000 contacts. Let’s also say that the course you want to sell costs 97 euros, always an average price.

If you want to sell your product with all the features that

Kajabi offers available, you will have to spend – always on average (euro more, euro less):

  • $49 for Elementor (or about the same amount for a Australia Phone Number List WordPress theme ) to get equally eye-catching landing pages
  • around €99 for an email marketing provider
  • about $39 if you want a community, which you’ll need to integrate with tools like Circle
  • around $39 for a course platform, like Teachable or Thinkific
  • to the sale of each single course, you must also add the transaction costs , which are approximately 5% of the cost of the product. In our case, therefore, 5% of €97 x 50 students = approximately €260 commission.
  • phone number list

In total, in the situation described we therefore find ourselves with an expense of around 470 euros per month for a net gain of around 4,100 euros.

With Kajabi, however, you can save yourself all those expenses, since all the features of the tools listed are available directly in the platform and you will have no transaction fees.

Returning to the previous situation, therefore, we will have a profit of 4,850 euros for the sale of the courses from which we have to subtract the $159 dollars of the platform, for a total of almost 4,700 euros.

And here, thanks to Kajabi, we will end up with about 600 euros more per month in our pocket.

I told you it was a savings!

How to join Kajabi

Want to give Kajabi a chance?

Good choice! Also because you can try it for 30 days totally free so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

So here’s how to get started:

  • Create an account . Just go to this page and click on “Claim your free 30-day trial”
  • Enter all the requested information
  • Finished ! Now your account is ready to start creating all your content

What are the next steps? Here is your checklist:

  • Create your website
  • Add one or more products (courses, communities, etc.) and Phone Number BR add everything you want: videos, texts, audios, PDF files and so on
  • Promote your course by informing your audience of your new content
  • Analyze and optimize the results achieved.

Compliments! Now everything is really ready to start your adventure in the world of e-learning.

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