Working from home with a blog: become a blogger

If your idea is to create an online business, one of the simplest and most profitable ways is undoubtedly to create a blog .

Being a blogger is a job – and a lifestyle – that is truly versatile and demanding, full of challenges but also of a great deal of satisfaction, both personal, work and economic .

The first thing to become a blogger is… having a blog! (You would never have guessed that, would you? )

Opening a blog is the simplest thing in the world and it doesn’t matter to know any programming language or particular technical knowledge: in fact, you just need a couple of clicks and you’re done.

You will only have to purchase hosting , i.e. a space on a server where your site will be physically located, and a domain , i.e. the site address (for example ).

Et voila! Your blog is ready to be filled with new content.

How to become a blogger

No overspending, rest assured. In fact, we’re talking about less than 15 euros a year for a domain , i.e. the address of your blog (for example ) and about 3 euros a month for hosting .

There are many types of blogs you can start. Any examples?

  • cooking blog , where you can share your recipes
  • travel blog , where you can tell your experiences and recommend other travellers
  • fashion blog , if you love giving fashion advice
  • beauty blog , perfect for sharing makeup and beauty tips
  • DIY blog , with guides and tutorials for creating, fixing or renovating
  • … and so on!

How to start a blog

Do you want to start your blog now?

Perfect. Follow these steps to have your France Phone Number List blog online in less than 2 minutes:

1. Go to  SiteGround and choose the StartUp plan (it’s enough to get started)

2. Choose your new domain

3. Review the order and click on “Pay Now” .

That’s all!

From now on, your new blog is online and you can start populating it with new articles and new content!

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How to make money with a blog

And once we have our blog, how do we start making money?

Well, there are so many ways you can make money with your blog :

  • you can earn from the blog itself , as in the case of banner ads or affiliations , such as Amazon affiliations
  • you can sell your products and/or your services
  • you can position yourself as an expert in your industry and naturally attracting new clients and new partnerships.

How much can you earn with a blog?

And how much can you earn with a blog ?

With a blog we can literally earn from 0€ to infinity

In fact, bloggers can also earn good numbers.

Think, for example, of Cliomakeup , which earned 10 million euros Phone Number BR in 2020, of Andrea Giuliodori ( who earns around 2 million euros with his blog or of Salvatore Aranzulla who has a turnover of around 3 million euros.

Of course, don’t expect to make that much money in your blog’s early days . But with a good dose of study, perseverance and many tests, having a nice salary at the end of the month is entirely possible.

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