“Your leads suck!” Managers are no strangers to bickering between marketing and sales departments. But this dispute is a clear sign that the company is not moving forward and is not making money, says Aktion Marketing project director Maxim Nakhabo. How to resolve the conflict between marketers and sellers – read the article. Content A typical cry from marketers: “We gave you 100 applications, but you didn’t close a single deal!” You don’t know how to work!” Sellers object: “Are these leads?!” Of your 100 applications, 80 did not pick up the phone, 15 refused to communicate, and five were told to just ask.

Sellers are the

More vulnerable side in this dialogue – they ask UAE Phone Number List questions of them! — that’s why they communicate more aggressively. In fairness, in order to find those to blame, each conflict will have to considered without emotion. So, if a person came to a luxury car dealership with a salary of 50 thousand rubles (and, of course, left with nothing), this is a flaw in the marketing department that brought him there. Advertising is aimed at the wrong people. But if a high-income client fails, it’s a collective fault.

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The salespeople

Did not resolve objections and did not Australia Phone Number List highlight all the benefits to the visitor on the spot, and the marketing strategy did not prepare the client for an informed choice. However, more often the situation is more complicated. Maxim Nakhabo, director of the Aktion Marketing project : Which side the leadership will take depends on its background. If the commander or general came from the sales department, he will protect the sellers, if from marketing, then the marketers. In the second case, confrontation with the head of the sales department is inevitable.

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