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What is ROI and how to calculate it? Investment in each project should entail accurate calculations of its profitability, if you want to be sure about the accuracy of the undertaken project. A useful way to measure the value of an investment is to calculate ROI. What is ROI? When and for what purpose is it us? And most importantly – how to calculate it yourself. We cordially invite you to read! ROI, or return on investment Wondering what is ROI? We will gladly dispel this doubt! ROI, from English Return On Investment, is translat into Polish as return on investment.

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What does that mean exactly? The abbreviation ROI stands for the return on investment indicator, which is us to measure the effectiveness of the activities carri out. Simply put, it is the ratio of net profits to costs incurr. Very often, the ROI indicatois us, for example, when planning and implementing advertising campaigns in Google Ads or Latest Mailing Database activities relat to website positioning. The ROI indicator is a way to check whether the production and advertising costs do not exce the profit receiv. How to calculate ROI? Pattern ROI how to calculate? It is necessary to know the two most important values costs and revenues of the activities carri out.

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The indicator is express as a percentage, and the exact ROI formula is as follows ROI pattern Revenue is the net profit generat by the sale. Total investment outlays are the sum of the costs incurr to achieve a given goal. How to calculate ROI on a specific example? Calculation of ROI with an example Wondering what it  looks like in practice? It’s not that difficult. of the product – for example, PLN . Let’s assume that it is sold for PLN . Advertisement of a given product in Google Ads result in Phone Number BR units sold, which result in a profit of PLN ,. Let’s assume that the Google Ads campaign cost PLN .

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