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What are the best paying home jobs

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Work from home as a freelancer

If you don’t want your own project, then you might want to think about going freelance .

Unlike an employee, who works with only one company, a freelancer often has a portfolio of clients that they work with.

There are tons of jobs you can do from home as a freelancer , such as you can:

  • become a web writer
  • virtual assistant
  • graphic
  • translator
  • copywriter
  • photographer or photoblogger
  • dropshippers
  • youtuber (but also tiktoker, instagrammer etc.)
  • voice over and/or make audio/video transcriptions
  • social media manager
  • website developer
  • data analyst
  • you can create an online course and sell it
  • you can make crafts
  • you can organize trips online
  • … and so on!

And just as Walt Disney would say:

if you can dream it you can do it!

But how to find clients if we are freelancers?

Especially if you start from scratch, it is important to be able to be found by our potential customers right away. One of the most effective ways is to build solid personal branding .

Wikipedia gives us a very comprehensive definition :

Personal branding is the activity with which you first become aware and then structure your own brand or personal brand. It can be defined as what people collectively say, feel and think about you and the services you provide, in your professional and non-professional lives.

Personal branding is therefore all about your reputation , what characterizes your person, your values ​​and your belief system. All this, therefore, that distinguishes you and that differentiates you from your competitors.

There are several ways you can develop your personal branding and find new customers.

The most effective, once again, is having our own blog . But other strategies are also very useful, such as:

  • sign up on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Melasubscribe
  • through social media
  • commenting on blog articles in your niche
  • writing on forums
  • attending industry meetups or conferences.


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