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What Are Trendyol Product Upload Fees

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How to Determine Inventory While Loading Trendyol Products?

The stock issue is also very important for Trenydol product loading. In case of any change, stock update should be done. The product stock codes area can be accessed from the Trendyol Seller Panel.

Trendyol How To Determine Inventory While Loading Products


How to Create Cargo and Desi Information while Uploading a Product?

You can also enter the desi information of your products at the product loading stage, as they will be used in the cargo invoice control stages. Thus, your cargo invoices are confirmed in a healthy way.

How to Upload Product Images on Product Upload

Your product images are uploaded to the Trendyol system and it becomes possible to get links for the images. Image links are added to the Image Link column in the product entry file with excel and the images are thus uploaded to the Trandyol system. When uploading images in product entries with Excel, the visual names must be the barcode of the product.

Trendyol single product loading is also Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List frequently asked by the sellers. To load a single product, four different sections must be filled. Among them; product features, product images, sales information and basic product information.

Basic product information is concise information that describes the product. Detailed information about the product that can answer the questions of the consumer should be included in the product feature information field. Barcode and price information must be entered in the sales information of the product. In the product images field, images of the product should be entered.

What is Trendyol Single Product Loading

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The model code must be used to show different colors or sizes of the product on a single page. You must also enter the brand information of your products into the system. If there is no brand information in the list, your brand should be identified by the Trendyol system. A new brand identification system can be made from the vendor support panel area.

Not specifying delivery times
Failure to provide information about Phone Number BR cargo information
Not providing a directive link to another page related to the product.

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